Monday, May 31, 2010

Breaking Into SharePoint Portal

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
- Base technology
- Free (with Windows Server)
- Consists of an ASP.NET web site and ISAPI filter

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
- Built on top of WSS
- Not free
- Supports collaboration on MS Office documents

Security Aware?
- Gartner predicts SharePoint will replace network file shares
- Default security model: all site users have read access to all documents
- Big target – single repository for sensitive corporate data – salaries, phone numbers, customer lists,  passwords, strategic plans, etc.

Hacking the SharePoint ISAPI Registry
A potential EoP, but not interesting:
- Requires Terminal Services to be enabled with “NT4 compat mode”
- In that scenario, several Windows components have the same bug
- See “Web Server Extensions”, referenced in HKLM
- Check out usage of “Terminal Server User” SID throughout Windows

Hacking SharePoint with Google
- Thousands of public, internet-facing SharePoint sites have been created
- Use Google to identify configuration mistakes
- More info:

Hacking SharePoint with NMap
- SharePoint servers have a distinctive network port signature
- Depends on firewall config, of course
- More info:

Hacking SharePoint with RegEx
SharePoint RegEx Search
- See blog post –
- Avoid limitations of built-in SharePoint search (i.e., SQL ‘LIKE’ and ‘CONTAINS’ keywords)
- Instead, harness the power of regular expressions!
- Search for: strong passwords, credit card info, phone numbers, SSNs, etc.