Friday, April 30, 2010

Defeating OS Fingerprinting Using IpMorph

IpMorph is an Open Source project used to disguise OS-detection process performed using various techniques, such as, banner grabbing, ICMP replies, ISN profile, TCP headers, timeouts and other similar trends. These techniques are usually available in number of tools like Nmap, Xprobe2, SinFP, Ring2, p0f, Ettercap, etc.

Active Stack Fingerprinting

Passive Stack Fingerprinting

How IpMorph Works

Spoofing States
– Stealth patch : Unmaintained as of 2002, GNU/Linux kernel 2.2-2.4
– Blackhole : FreeBSD, kernel options
– IPlog : Unmaintained as of 2001, *BSD
– Packet filter : OpenBSD
Host TCP/IP stack tweaking
– Ip Personality
– Fingerprint opt
– Fingerprint scrubber
– OSfuscate
Host TCP/IP stack replacement (proxy behaviour)
– Honeyd
– Packet purgatory / Morph
Integrated Tools
–IpMorph (Core)
–IpMorph Controller
–IpMorph Personality Manager
–IpView (IpMorph GUI)
–BSD, Mac OS

IpMorph General Architecture